Coco Lemon Eucalyptus

Light, fresh, and fruity!

The instant tropical scent hits you as the eucalyptus lingers into the wind. Allow this deliciously inviting scent to whisk you away to your own tropical paradise.

A perfect scent to aid relaxation and calm the mind.

SMELLS LIKE: Lemon, Ozone l Coconut l Vanilla


Bitter Sweet Orange

Sweet, sharp, and simply intoxicating!

Peel open this scent to reveal the upbeat, bright, and energetic kick that our Bitter Sweet Orange aroma has to offer.

The perfect scent to support your productivity.

**light, non-overpowering scent

SMELLS LIKE: Orange l Mandarin l Coconut


Grapefruit Caramel

Creamy, zesty, and fresh!

This perfect blend of citrus and creamy vanilla is one that will instantly command happiness and brighten your mood.

A great one to light when taking a deep, hot, and relaxing bathe! Self-Care approved!

SMELLS LIKEOrange l Grapefruit, Mango l Vanilla Cream


Cocktails on the Beach

Fresh, sweet & fruity!

This delicious sweet and fresh aroma transports you to the beach with a drink in hand and waves lapping at your feet.

A deliciously strong scent to set the ambience!

SMELLS LIKE: Lime, Orange, Apple l Coconut, Soft Floral l Vanilla, Musk


Woodland Timber

Light, earthy, and quietly unique!

A clean blend of earthy wood that will whisk you into a winter woodland walk in the cold crisp air.

Perfect for setting a totally chilled atmosphere.

SMELLS LIKECitrus l Saffron l Wood, Amber



Smooth, warm, and rich!

A warm, earthy scent that won't overpower your senses. Sit back, unwind and take in the earthy scent of relaxation.

Perfect to set the evening mood and bring warmth to your space.

SMELLS LIKECoriander l Amyris l Dark Musk


Very Vanilla

Aromatic, warm, and creamy!

Our Very Vanilla is exactly that, the richest, most creamy aroma that will gently billow its way around your senses.

Perfect for any occasion, a classic in its own right.

SMELLS LIKEButtercream l Vanilla l Sugar


Full Bloom

Rich, warm, and fully floral!

Full Bloom is a sweet, encasing floral aroma that brings that Sunday morning fresh bunch of flowers into your space without even having to leave your sofa!

Your self-care routine is fully taken care of with this one!

SMELLS LIKE: Rose I Bergamot | Peppermint